Jeff Comas

Jeff Comas teaches Autism Arts Exploration workshops in music at ASK. He is a musician, composer, music teacher, & entrepreneur. He is the director of Knoxville Academy of Music, which offers private lessons in a variety of instruments and musical styles. He has a degree in music composition from Austin Peay State University and a diploma in guitar studies from the McNally Smith College of Music.

Laura Comas

Laura Comas teaches crochet classes at ASK. She is a Master Crocheter with over 40 years experience, is a member of the Crochet Guild of America and is Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Artistic Spectrum. She is an 8-year Army Veteran who served during Desert Storm and has a degree in Psychology from Austin Peay State University. Laura was named Tennessee Woman Veteran of the Year in 2015.

Cristina McClure

Cristina teaches Yoga & Relaxation for Teens & Adults at ASK. She has been on the path of practicing yoga since 2003. The yoga asanas are the tools that she uses on her journey of self-discovery and she is honored to have the chance to share this journey with others. Cristina desires to offer guidance and support along the path to anyone that honestly seeks a healthy, more holistic life.

Amanda Riggs

Amanda Riggs teaches beginning dance classes at ASK. She is the owner of Twinkletoes Mobile Dance, a company that provides extracurricular programs at schools and daycares as well as fun birthday party opportunities. She studied ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, macro, hip-hop, and pointe at the Bloomsburg School of Dance, performed with the North East Florida Dance Academy, and served as hip-hop dance instructor for Atlanta Vibe performing arts academy.

Alanna Rosen

Alanna Rosen coordinates special art projects & programs at ASK. She is on the Board of Directors of both Artistic Spectrum and VSA-Tennessee. Alanna is a middle school art teacher who also holds teacher licensure in Special Education. She loves finding ways to help individuals with disabilities have meaningful art education experiences that allow them to develop their creative talents.

Anne Winsauer

Anne Winsauer teaches visual art classes at ASK. She is the owner of Art for Autism LLC, where she teaches individual students in homes and churches. Anne also coordinates group workshops in stop-motion animation, design, and architecture with support from Autism Site Knoxville, VSA Arts of Tennessee, Kennedy Center for the Arts, and the Tennessee Arts Commission.