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April 7, 2016
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May 18, 2016
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Join the 2016 April Autism Alliance!

April is Autism Awareness Month, and here’s a chance for you to make a difference!

With a $25 donation to Artistic Spectrum, ASK’s parent organization, you can help support Autism Site Knoxville (ASK) by joining the 2016 April Autism Alliance.

ASK is a community resource center with preschool playgroups, teen nights, mom’s day out, extracurricular programs, meeting space, and family recreation opportunities.

Families can even drop in during regular business hours to play, relax, or ask questions about local autism resources.

Every person who donates at least $25 with this Tilt campaign between March 28 and April 30 2016 will be listed as an Autism Ally on the wall of the ASK center lobby for the entire year.

You can be sure that every donation goes directly to programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families because ASK has NO PAID STAFF, and Tilt doesn’t take a dime from your donation!

Join the 2016 April Autism Alliance today, and challenge your friends and family members to donate by forwarding this Tilt campaign to them!

ASK’s Tilt campaign can be found here:

april autism alliance

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